For over 10 years I have been in contact with related professionals, researching, and involved in building/installing Clean Energy technologies, and for over 14+ years I have worked as an IT Project manager. All of this experience has led me to offer my services as described below, and offer a few products for sale like that which I’ve built or installed at our home. Please feel free to contact me as listed below for product and service requests, further information on any of the items below, questions, or to discuss how I might be able to help you.




Power Generating Exercise Bike
This product is one that I would custom build, where either a bicycle or exercise bike is permanently converted into a power producing exercise machine.

Bike Stand to produce power with a regular bicycle
This stand is one that I would custom build where a user can take a regular bicycle, set it on this stand, and then ride the regular bicycle as an exercise bike that produces power – this is accomplished by holding the bike with the stand and having the rear wheel drive a roller which in turn runs a generator. At any time, the user can simply pull their bike off of the stand and go out and ride it as usual.

Both the Power Generating Exercise Bike and Bike Stand generate DC power from its generator, and then can either charge a bank of batteries by itself or can help to charge a battery bank that is part of another clean energy system, or can be set up so that if desired, can also feed AC power directly into your homes power grid by simply plugging it into any standard outlet

Advantages and benefits of purchasing one of these ‘pedal power’ based products are:
Make use of energy burned during exercise by producing electrical power at the same time
The Bike Stand can make use of a bicycle that you already own, without making any modifications to it
Either unit can simply plug into any household AC outlet to consume power produced
The Power Generating Exercise Bike and Bike Stand can be wired into any existing DC battery bank
▪    Tax deductions should be available by purchasing one of these units

Grass Briquettes
Starting this summer of 2012, I intend to have grass briquettes for sale for use in a traditional wood stove or burner. These will likely be sold in bags of roughly 40 lbs each. Pick up or delivery will be available.

Advantages of heating with grass briquettes are that they are:
Priced similar to or less than cord wood
Clean burning and nearly carbon neutral
▪  Renewable each year
Less messy than cord wood
Tax deductions should be available by using grass briquettes
Grant funding is available for stove installation

More details to come on this product later this spring of 2012

Solar Panels and Residential Wind Turbines
At this time, I do not offer Solar Panels and Residential Wind Turbines for sale, however in the next couple of years I do intend to become a reseller for each. Currently I am able to refer you to a local installer that I have worked with who offers and installs each, and also will offer recommendations for the following items along with providing product documentation for each:
▪  Solar Panels
▪  Residential Wind Turbines
▪  Batteries
▪  Inverters and Micro-Inverters
▪  Charge controllers
▪  Cables
▪  Installation and Repair Services

Advantages of installing and using Solar Panels and Residential Wind turbines are:
Tax deductions are available for each
Each can be used to supplement power consumption, or can power a home that is off the grid
Both are non-polluting power producing devices
Both can be used as backup power sources in conjunction with a battery bank, in the event of street power loss
The future of energy prices are an unknown – once Solar Panels and Wind Turbines are installed, only maintenance activities may be required
Grant funding is available for the installation of each


Plans to Build Your Own Power Generating Bike, Bike Stand, Wind Turbine
If you would like to build your own power producing exercise equipment, wind turbine, or install your own solar panels, I offer drawings and documentation of those I’ve built at our home

Consulting for planting and establishing Switchgrass
In 2007, 2008, and 2009, on our Farm in Hammond NY I planted plots of Switchgrass with the goal to learn how much effort is involved with establishing and maintaining it. Last summer (2011), each was doing very well – pictures of each plot can be viewed at the SG Trials page . Given that this crop should become a future feedstock desired for Cellulosic Ethanol production, I offer tips, suggestions, and knowledge of what is required to establish a successful stand of Switchgrass.

Solar and Residential wind installation sizing and reference to installers
A critical part of any clean energy power system installation is working to determine power consumption needs.  Home owners and businesses can choose to supplement a portion of their power usage with solar or wind power, power their entire location with solar or wind power, or produce more power than is needed and sell the excess back to the utility provider. 

To size up an installation, I have gathered information and knowledge of how to calculate associated requirements such as battery bank requirements, power consumption estimates, solar or wind turbine sizing, and also am aware of what some local zoning laws require in regards to the installation of these systems.

I also am able to refer you to a local installer that I have worked with who offers and installs each, and also can offer recommendations for each along with providing corresponding product documentation.

Assistance with installations

If you would like to install your own Solar or Residential Wind system, I do poses knowledge of how this is done and am available to assist. I have also worked to address maintenance issues that users have encountered with existing system installations.

General Project Management and consulting services (both IT based and Clean Energy based)
Using the experience that I have amassed over the past 13 years in IT project management the last 10 years of involvement with Clean Energy sources, I am available on a part time basis to run project related to either of these fields of endeavor. Below is a summary of some projects that I have run and completed in both arenas, and more details on my experience can be viewed on my Resume

Summary of Experience:
▪  Data Center moves
▪  Office builds and moves
▪  IT and Finance system build/upgrade/conversion
▪  Corporate Divesture and M&A projects
▪  Installation of custom built residential wind turbine
▪  Installation of solar panels at my home, and maintenance work on installed systems
▪  Switchgrass establishment
▪  Gathering requirements for an planning installation of grass briquetting system and consumption

Samples of letters sent to local leaders and publications to encourage the support of wind power
This includes copies of letters that I sent to local and state politicians, had published in the newspaper, and have used at other public events.  Each had positive response where I was called in to meet with politicians, was published in the paper, and had positive interaction at public events.  The main point of each document is to stress the benefits of wind power and how it would benefit our local community. 

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