Thoughts on Clean Energy Solutions

The costs of adapting to problems caused by increased CO2 in the atmosphere - 5-20% of annual GDP by 2050. The cost required to stabilize atmospheric CO2 (via clean energy systems, biofuels, reduction of energy use) - 1% of annual GDP (Biofuels by David M Mousdale, CRC Press - 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4200-5124-7)

Scientists say that fossil fuels are not sustainable (meaning they will run out). That issue coupled with our ongoing & growing energy demands, and the need to maintain secure energy sources so that we each don't have to spend more money per unit of energy we need (imagine the costs of fuel as the earth begins to run low on crude oil) has to lead us to seriously consider what our own land has to offer in regards to the ability to make electricity, grow fuel and grow heat sources. Change to clean energy sources is not to be feared and should be embraced if we care at all about the future of our nation and the future of our offspring..

Some people say that ethanol, wind, and solar are not the answers to our energy problems, however if we fail to address the situation now using these clean energy technologies at a minimum as a stop gap, we may not exist later on when the practical use of hydrogen and nuclear fusion could be realized.

Some Famous quotes to consider:

Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
John F. Kennedy

We meant to change a nation, and instead, we changed a world.
Ronald Reagan

Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.
Theodore Roosevelt

When you're finished changing, you're finished.
Benjamin Franklin

Times change and we change with them.
Latin Proverb

We all need to accept the responsibility of reducing our energy consumption at home, but beyond that we need to accept clean energy sources that come about and should welcome them to our communities as a symbol that we are not going to stand by and let humanity destroy our world. Upstate and Central NY should be a much larger clean energy hub than it is now, as we have an abundance of farmland and agricultural knowledge, numerous technology schools, Cornell's biomass program to support Cellulosic Ethanol and heating source development, and the growing desire to support clean energy technologies.

"Middle East oil needs to become an 'alternate' energy source...." - Ian Paddock

"There is only one way to do things - the RIGHT WAY" - Ian Paddock

"It's easier to turn a blind eye to the worlds energy & environmental problems and to assume someone else will fix these problems, than it is to deal with
 them" - Ian Paddock

1. A Family Farm Life growing up leads to a culture of Good Work Ethics
2. Good Work Ethics leads to A Quality Work Force
3. A Quality Work Force leads to more Commitment to Excellence
4. Commitment to Excellence leads to a better Economy

Therefore, we need to revert to a culture centered around the Family Farm Life

The videos at the following sites show what others have to say about this topic: Warming&contentType=State_Generic&contentId=56815&parentId=earth

Thoughts on Wind Power

PILOT $$ from a Wind Farm can benefit an entire community - not just those with turbines on their land. If implemented right, the entire tax base would be supplemented from a PILOT - meaning the portion local citizens are responsible could be reduced.

Wind turbines will not change the flow of the St Lawrence River, get in the way of boats, pollute the river, raise or lower the water level, cause fish kills, or block any view of the river from shore - the river will look better than it ever has

Organizations who have arguments to present against commercial wind power, should offer up some practical clean energy solutions in their local communities in trade for hindering wind power development.  Solutions such as helping residents obtain tax breaks & grants for clean energy installation and energy savings technology at home, setting up recycling and reuse programs where they don't exist, educating local citizens on energy conservation, and bringing awareness to technologies and related clean energy concepts that would both help individuals, our society, and the planet are possible.

The BP disaster in the Gulf Coast should open our eyes to reality if they are not open already. We need to consider escalating our efforts by taking the next steps in our evolution by striving to install solar systems on every home and residential wind turbines where ever feasible. We also need to consider using ocean based wind turbines to replace oil rigs for the following reasons:

     - This would take pressure off of on land wind turbines where controversy exists
     - Wind is always abundant on the water
     - They could be out of sight of citizens who don't want to look at them

Getting 2% of our power from wind is better than getting 0% from wind..

Wind turbines are one of many stepping stones on the way to the implementation of more efficient energy sources such as fuels cell, hydrogen, and nuclear fusion, and is part of a larger solution of clean energy options that will lead us to a more stable society by eliminating foreign dependencies, creating US manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and other related jobs that would be created if we put solar on every roof (click here to see my calculations on how much we as a nation, could produce at home), and by slowing down greenhouse effects by reducing the human contribution (and thus ensuring we don't turn the place
into a desert)

Some want to credit me with starting controversy on wind power - to you I say Thank You. Many years ago I recognized the need to look out for the future of our planet, so for recognizing me for having such foresight I again say Thank You.

Thoughts on Humanity

Religion "keeps a person out of trouble in the first place"...

Money makes the world go 'round..unfortunately. Consider the basic Human needs which require the use of money to satisfy the need - food, clothes, cars, homes, medicine, electricity, fuel... and some non-basic desires that cost money - boats, camps, cell phones, entertainment, cigarettes, alcohol, ect... Without money, it becomes more difficult for the average US citizen to maintain this cycle of earning money and spending money, all with the goal of supporting these needs that make up our lives. An essential part of this cycle of supporting our needs is having electricity and fuel - without these, we have no lights, internet access, heat, and no ability to commute. To ensure we can keep up with the demands these needs bring, many of us are constantly looking for way to minimize the spending where ever we can, especially on fuels and energy, so that we can have more money available for other needs.

But what happens to this cycle of earning and spending if:
a) we lose access to many of our current fossil fuel sources
b) fossil fuel resource costs rise because of loss of access to them, or because they simply begin to run dry...
c) we heat up our planet enough to the point where droughts, famine, food price increases, and fuel shortages drive us into more wars because the energy   
   sources required to support our needs are at risk...

In order to keep up with the demands of the planets growing population, to preserve humanity and our way of life, and to keep the US strong, viable, and in charge, it is in our best interests to secure our energy sources sooner than later. To accomplish this security, instead of depending on unstable societies and energy sources half way around the planet for the amount of energy demand that the region currently supports, maybe we ought to step back and look to our own back yards here in the Western Hemisphere and begin depending on energy sources that we can control, grow, and renew. This sort of increased commitment to become more self-reliant would certainly require some positive changes to be made in our nation, where these changes would lead to the creation of US jobs, govern the use of clean energy production systems so that factual concerns are addressed and misguidance by naysayers would be ignored, farming could become common place again, and new and innovative technologies would be created to support clean energy systems. These changes would support the energy production using sources in the US, owned by US citizens, and originating on US farms. These changes will help drive the concept called Energy Farming - a thought process where we farm fuel from crops in our fields, electricity from wind and solar power in our fields, and heat from in the ground. Imagine all of this done on one plot of land....

The way we are heading, the human race is on course to destroy itself along with all of its food and water sources... but maybe that's just the natural order of things. I would, however, tend to believe that who created us would expect that we take better care of the home he gave us. For over 100 years now, we have been negatively contributing to the natural cycles of the planet and now it's time we cease that activity and let it run its own course by eliminating the human contribution to the degradation of nature.

Adaptability of humanity - throughout history, humans have had to adapt to survive. Whether it be the cave man migrating to find food, humans transitioning to the iron age/industrial revolution/information age, or learning to live and cope with global threats, each transition has led to the advancement of society to continue its survival. Energy farming is just another opportunity to move forward and undoubtedly in a positive way for our economy, society, and planet.

Good vs Evil:
- fossil fuels are black (namely coal and oil) which is associated with darkness and evil
- wind and sun are bright which is associated with God, and each is all over the planet, so lets use them

Our World
Greed, Pride and Judgment are serious problems among humanity (and have been dating back to long before Christ came) and are the source of most of the problems we encounter in life. I could go on with a whole books worth of my thoughts on these subjects, but instead I'll describe the underlying problem with each:

Greed - noun, verb,: excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions

Ever heard from someone or ever felt these thoughts - I want control, I want my own kingdom, I can't stand someone else's opinion because mine is the only one that counts, caring about ones own goals only and ignoring the needs of those around you ... I'll work all my life to obtain all the possessions I can, I need to buy the latest and greatest toys - and all for what - to feel better about ourselves, but does anyone else really care about what possession you have??? We want $$ in the bank so it can sit there and go stale, while others in the world starve... we also want it there for security, but our real security should be in GOD. These are just some example of what Greed rules in our world

The acquisition of material wealth as a driving force to why we live will do nothing but undermine the basic principles that we all should work to live for - those principles being happiness with who we are and with what God gave us, stress free living, clear consciences free of guilt, and actually caring about the welfare of and basic human respect for thy neighbor...

Greed gets in the way of what I feel, with how 'advanced' our society is today, are the basic rights to life - food, water, and care for ailments that we didn't ask for... Greed prevents all from having these by causing a basic lack of a desire to share and to help each other out.

"Desires of the flesh make a person do stupid things"

"We need to focus on similarities instead of differences"

Pride - noun, verb,: a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.

Ever felt this or know someone who has: I need to be financially rich $$ and am too good to be poor, I need the big nice house because I'm too good for an average home, I need to be noticed because I refuse to be average, I need to be heard because I'm always right, I need to look hot to be accepted (which leads to unnecessary sex, unintended pregnancy, uncontrolled lustful acts, and misguided business decisions - all for what.... a 5 second moment of pleasure), I need to be on top of fashion trends because Wal-Mart clothes aren't good enough for me..... Pride prevents forgiveness, no forgiveness leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.  Forgiveness is needed in order to maintain a decent and upstanding society.

Judgment (Judge) - noun: to form a judgment or opinion of; decide upon critically

Judgment in its harsher form comes not in that of trial law, but in personal judgment of one another. Judgment leads to categorization of humans, which leads to inequality, which leads to the presence of the haves and the have-nots, which leads to hunger, homelessness, and being uninsured. Some forms of personal judgment that lead to this are gossiping, commenting on someone's physical appearance, deciding if another human lives or dies is judging (which by the way only GOD is capable of making that judgment), feeling better than another because of financial status, race, clothing, body style, etc.

All three of these deadly sins lead to hate of thy neighbor, jealousy of thy neighbor, and the feeling of having to be better than thy neighbor (a.k.a Materialism...). All of this leads to unneeded competition, leads to focusing on conquering, and leads to increased desire to not work with thy neighbora



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