We have many people to thank for the success of our wind generator, and we'd like to dedicate this page to listing those who helped contribute to our success.
Fred and Sally Paddock (my parents) - Patience and willingness to allow multiple upright devices in their yard and an ability to duck when props were flying off the initial version of the structure.

Sherrie Paddock (my wife) - graciousness for listening to Jay and I talk about this thing for hours and hours.

Dan Dunham - Pulleys, belts, roof tin (for props), other required materials, and one extremely heavy sprocket that serves as the base for Binzie.

Tom and Jeff Elk - assistance with raising Binzie, providing updates on its performance, and an ability to also duck when props were flying off the initial structure.

Shayne and Dave Marsaw - pole that holds Binzie up as well as Genny Light to power the thought processes that was involved with this effort (I'll never forget dragging the pole down the road from town to Calaboga).

Langtry Farms - Various parts, shop time, and other required materials.

Lavack Farms - Silo unloader collar to serve as power transfer point in the rotation of Binzie (and likely additional graciousness in listening to issues surrounding this project).

Bob Bloom - Steel posts for windmill frame, crate for battery house, storage batteries, and other relevant advice and ideas.

Ryan Tuttle - Electrical Engineering consultant/wiring consultant

Ted Garrison - Mechanical Engineering consultant/structural consultant

Dan Demick - Structural Engineer

Pat Peretta - Structural Engineer

                                                                   Thank you all for the help and support!!!!!!!!!

Binzie Credits