So what qualifies me to speak on these topics - over the past 15 years I have exchanged communications and information with professionals in the wind & solar power and Cellulosic Ethanol & grass biofuels industries, along with politicians, local governments, and other individual involved with various clean energy technologies. At our home I have installed a small solar power system that feeds several 12vDC lights in my home and also have built and installed power producing exercise equipment that charges this same DC power system, where this exercise equipment has the option to also feed AC power directly into our homes power grid. At our farm in Hammond NY, I have taken steps to be a participant in the up and coming Cellulosic Ethanol and grass biofuels industries, where this summer I expect to make briquettes from hay on our farm to use next winter in our home.

Below is an outline that lists in greater detail, my involvement with clean energy technologies, where in my effort to become more involved and to learn how to develop these technologies, I have.  Also, please Click Here to view my Resume  that outlines my professional work life and experience;

▪  Attended community presentations on wind power
▪  Consulted on residential turbines, advised on various aspects of wind turbine topics, and visited several wind farms
▪  Worked with a friend to build and maintain a custom built wind generator
▪  Served as Secretary on the Town of Hammond Committee on Alternative Energy where the committee researched details for a draft law governing the placement of
   wind turbines in the town. The experience gained on this governing side of wind power (as opposed to the environmental & financial benefit and technical sides that   
   I had studied for years) was invaluable in understanding the complete picture of this 100% clean energy source. Some questioned why I was on the committee - the 
   answer is I was asked to be and wanted to be there....
▪  Serviced existing solar installations
▪  Completed a successful solar power installation at my home
▪  Built exercise equipment that can feed either the solar power installations batteries, or feed AC power directly into my homes power system
▪  Communicated with several Cellulosic Ethanol producers, pellet produces, and other associated operating entities including Iogen and Professionals
   at Cornell University
▪  Successfully established a Switchgrass plot on our farm in Hammond with the goal of learning how to establish Switchgrass, so that when the Cellulosic Ethanol 
   market demand for it arrives, I will be ready to grow & sell it and also will be ready to assist other farmers with establishing it
▪  Conducted Cellulosic ethanol production research and information gathering
▪  Produced ethanol at home
▪  Researched feasibility of producing and using grass heating pellets/briquettes and am on the verge of producing grass biofuel to use to heat our home next winter
▪  Met with (at the time) Assemblyman Darrel Aubertine to discuss wind power for the North Country
▪  Published a letter supporting wind power in the Watertown Daily Times
▪  Established contacts with NYSERDA, wind producers and installers, pellet producers, and others involved in these industries
▪  I have worked professionally for 14+ years as an Internet Technologies (IT) Project Manager and have experience with running network installations, billing/customer
   support/ corporate system implementation and development, complete Data Center and office moves, website development, and 100s of customer service 
   implementation projects.

  About PaddockEnergy

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Ian established PaddockEnergy to help average home owner realize what they can accomplish themselves in regards to energy production & energy savings at home, help promote clean energy technologies that individual residents, farms, and small businesses can implement, and to show what I and my family have been able to successfully implement at our home, with the purpose of encouraging others to do the same.

In addition to power production, PaddockEnergy is investigating how farms can begin to take hay that is left standing each year and process it for use as a home heating source. Along this line, PaddockEnergy has also learned how to successfully establish a Switchgrass stand, so that when the Cellulosic Ethanol market develops, we can assist others with establishing this feedstock that will be in demand by the Cellulosic Ethanol market. Since transportation costs are one of the key economical factors with each of these BioFuel concepts, local production facilities would be required so that transportation costs of the feedstock can be minimized. This undoubtedly would result in local economical benefits & employment opportunities, rural self sufficiency, and a restoration of the value of the family farm.

PaddockEnergy has also gathred information that helps to show how commercial clean energy projects can benefit an entire community, and not just individuals. Along with this, PaddockEnergy has complied detailed calculations that show if every US home had 225 watt solar panels on 250sf of roof area, and 10% of all residential US homes had a Skystream 3.7 personal wind turbine, residential homes as a whole could supply ~44% of their total power needs.   Click here to view the data I gathered that led to this conclusion

Each of these three areas above - producing power at home, producing BioFuel's from hay, and every rooftop becoming a clean power generation facility, combined together, are certain significant steps towards national energy indepencence and also would be definitive steps towards reducing humanities contribution to global warming.